My daughter did a post grad degree at the University of Edinburgh and I visited her a few times during her two years there. Every time I wanted to book a table for restaurant, book for a golf game or spa treatment, I was asked for my credit card info over the phone.

Seems like most folks there were quite prepared to hand out such sensitive information, but I was worried. I did not want to share my card info over the phone but without it I could not secure any reservations.

I searched the Internet for effective ways of making payment whilst speaking to someone over the phone but could not find any such method. Upon my return home I designed a way of making such payments in an easy, safe and transparent manner. We next built a proof of concept and filed the patent applications.

Patent applications take quite some time. We were granted the SA patent last year and we started to build the industrial grade version of VerPay in a way which would not leave us dependent on 3rd party payment providers of business system integrations.

VerPay is now ready for broad release and the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the need for doing business over the phone greatly. In recognition of this we made the decision to provide merchant access to VerPay free for the duration of the pandemic.