Make more sales and reduce no-show exposure with Stripe online payments and VerPay!

Would you like to accept fast, safe and clear-cut payments while talking to your customers over the phone, over a video call or even in person?

If you have a merchant account with Stripe, it is very easy to set up VerPay. If you don’t have a Stripe merchant account yet, you can apply online here:

A VerPay merchant account is completely free for the first 30 days and thereafter it will cost only $9.95 per month, including 100 free payments. Additional VerPay payments will cost $0.05 per payment (excluding taxes). VerPay will pay for itself very quickly. You can try out VerPay at no cost nor risk.

Setting up your Verpay Merchant account.

Step 1: Login to and sign up using your email and a password or sign up using your Google, Facebook or Apple social logins.

Step 2: Now that you have signed up you are ready to use VerPay in Demo mode. This means you can test VerPay by logging into as a registered end user or guest user. You can then test the payment process to ensure you and your staff are confident using this new and innovative payment method.

You are now are ready to go live.
Here is a step by step guide to getting Stripe enabled as a VerPay payment method:

Step 1: Log into you Stripe merchant account at

Step 2: Click on the “Developers” menu option

Step 3: Select “API Keys” as submenu option under Developers which will reveal your API Keys. You can use the “View test data” switch top right to see the Test or Live keys.[For the initial setup and testing of VerPay with Stripe, we suggest using the Test keys – which can easily be copied to the clipboard by clicking on the respective Publishable and Secret key tokens.]

Step 4: Navigate to Payment Methods menu option of the VerPay Merchant app, and the select Stripe as payment method. You will then be able to paste the Test Public Key and Test Secret Key into their respective input boxes on the VerPay Payment Method for Stripe configuration page, as shown below.

Step 5: Click on the switch next to Active to turn Stripe on as VerPay payment method.

Step 6: Make a note of the Stripe test card number, which is 4242 4242 4242 4242 with expiry dates 12/25 and CVV of 123, for testing the Stripe payment method.

Step 7: Switch VerPay from Demo to Live mode by clicking on the User icon, top right.

Step 8: Set up your default payment Terms and Conditions. This is important for conducting verbal commerce and avoiding disputes later. The focus should be on how refunds and cancellations are dealt with. It is important to keep the terms and conditions as concise and simple to understand as possible.

E.g. No refunds permitted once an order has been confirmed and placed on the kitchen. Orders that are not collected within 120 minutes without prior arrangement will have to be destroyed.

Click on the VerPay Merchant app’s Terms and Condition menu option, where you can set up one or more Terms and Conditions. You must select one of the Ts&Cs to become the default terms, which is extended by default when accepting payment.

Step 9: If you plan to have other members of staff use VerPay to collect payments, you need to invite them by clicking on the Users menu option on theVerPay Merchant app.

A Manager may invite more User level staff to register for VerPay and may also edit the Ts&Cs. A User can log in and Accept Payments, but can’t edit Ts&Cs norinvite other members of staff. The Owner is the only person who may edit payment methods, Ts&Cs as well as invite Managers and Users with full access to the VerPay Dashboard and Payment History.

Step 10: Once you have tested a number of payments using the Stripe Test Keys, it will be time to replace the Test Keys with the Stripe Live keys per Step 3and 4 above. Once done, best to test the live Keys with a small amount, say $1.00. When that works you are ready to start accepting payments from real customers!


You should add a Payment Method called VerPay to your current POS or other business system. That way you can ring up VerPay payments as required. If your system allows for the entry of a payment reference number, you can simply click on the green Copy to Clipboard icon on VerPay once payment has been completed. That makes it easy to paste the reference number into your POS or business system. There also is a VerPay API available for software vendors who would like to integrate VerPay payments into their business solutions.