radio code

When doing business over the phone, speed and accuracy is important to both parties – merchant and customer. VerPay shares the Customer name and contact details electronically, reducing the need to spell tricky surnames or deal with difficult accents.

By using an alphanumeric 4-character short code, we make it easier to remember and repeat the VerPay code. We can still generate 1,679,616 different codes, which is enough for our codes’ 2-minute lifespan. The problem is that it can still be tough to tell the difference between some letters in different accents.

The radio alphabet was designed specifically to reduce such possible errors back in the days of more basic radio communications. We decided to provide the corresponding radio alphabet for the VerPay codes to help deliver the codes accurately first time, without the need for users to first learn the radio alphabet!

“ay8e” could be hard to get right all the time but with “alpha yankee the number 8 echo” its very clear to all concerned. Regular use of VerPay will help you become a radio alphabet expert which could come in useful one day!

In the near future we will also introduce sharing of an address, when authorized by the client, as that is another often shared piece of information that is mis-interpreted regularly. This is very useful for delivery type of telephonic orders. Repeating addresses is a drag for both customer and merchant.